Avengers: Age of Ultron – Trailer 3!

Another awesome trailer for Age of Ultron has been released and unlike the last one there is lots of new stuff in this one!

There is lots of action, explosions and foreshadowing of all the amazing things to come. Also not so subtle hints for the impending Captain America: Civil War setup. But there is also some interesting shots of things like Tony Stark grabbing Loki’s sceptre from Avengers, Bruce Banner and Black Widow getting all steamy with each other and really cool group shots like this one,

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♪ Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen ♪

Spider-Gwen-1-Cover-Robbi-RodriguezIn honour of Spider-Gwen #1 coming out today here is my terrible attempt at re-writing the lyrics to the Spider-Man theme for everyone’s new favourite heroine. Enjoy!

Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen,
Does whatever a Spider-Man can.
Spins a web, any size,
Catches tropes just like flies!
Look Out!
Here comes the Spider-Gwen!

Is she strong?
Listen bud,
She’ll kick your butt.
Can she fall off a bridge?
Just try to put her in a fridge.
Hey, there,
There goes the Spider-Gwen!

In the chill of night,
At the sight of ignorance.
Like a streak of light,
She arrives to make a difference.

Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen,
Friendly neighbourhood Spider-Gwen!
Wealth and fame,
She’s ignored,
Dismantling the Patriarchy is her reward.

To her, life is a great big bang up.
Wherever there’s a hang up.
You’ll find the Spider-Gwen!

Not to shabby I think ;)

Awesomeness: She-Hulk #12

She-Hulk #12

She-Hulk #12 – Another She-Hulk series comes to a close :( As a complete story this is great reading and it makes me sad that the cast of secondary characters will pretty much disappear now.


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