Marvel’s Agent Carter Preview Clip!

I can’t wait for this series!

It has the potential to be awesome and the limited run of episodes should keep it super focused. (Well focused for an American TV series anyway) But now I have one more reason to be excited, the actual human version of Jarvis will be in the show! So I’m guessing there will be a few jokes about how Jarvis should stop acting like a cold emotionless robot all the time, etc, etc. to keep the link with the Jarvis AI in Iron Man strong.

The clip doesn’t give much else away apart from the macguffin for Peggy’s first mission and a preview of a fight scene. It is just a small taste.

75 Years, 75 Batmen

DC Entertainment have put out this neat little video that cycles through the various designs for Batman over the years. It interesting to see what elements of the core design have remained consistent and what has changed over the past 75 years.

Thus Ends the Best Run on Wonder Woman in Years

WW35 cover

This week’s Wonder Woman #35 brings to a close Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chang and Co’s run on the book that began with the birth of The New 52 initiative from DC Comics. It has consistently been on of my favourite books for the past two and a bit years. Mainly because in this age of everything having to have a constant jumping on points, it has been great to see this book and the team behind it being given the freedom to tell a long form tale. One that hits at and plays with several of the core concepts of the character.

If you have not had the pleasure of reading this run I recommend you go pick up the first volume in either print or digital it is well worth your time and money. Go do it now!


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Marvel and Dan Slott Are Playing With My Emotions!


Sometimes I think of Dan Slott and I picture a Saturday Morning Cartoon villain laughing manically as he plays with the heroes of the show. Except Dan is a happy man with a beard who loves Spider-Man so whenever he does stuff like this I have a little bit of hope.

Except this time the tease is grouped in with all the mysterious Summer 2015 images Marvel have been coming out with the past couple of weeks. All of which are showing alternate versions of big events and stories. Except now they have moved on to punching me in the emotional gut. Especially when it is accompanied with tweets from Dan Slott like this:

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Why the Next Five Years of Superhero Movies is Awesome!

CA_Supermovies_10-28-2014-2(Image Source)

I look at this infographic from the guys at Comics Alliance and it brings a smile to my face. This image represents basically my next five years worth of cinema trips (not including Star Wars and the non-geeky movies I see from time to time). I look at this image and I reminisce about the past. To a time were I couldn’t even imagine Superhero movies being the driving force in popular culture that have ushered in a new golden age of geekdom and nerdiness that has taken over the world. Read More…

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer #1 Thoughts

The first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron has been unleashed upon the world, in part due to it being leaked early. Ever up for a joke Marvel took the leak in it’s stride:

Still the trailer is a great taste of the epic-ness to come. I don’t really have time to go into detail on my full thoughts on the trailer but I will try and condense it into bullet point form:

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Pardon My Absence


This place has been quiet for the past couple of months due to work/life craziness getting in the way of my ramblings about comics books. Things are starting to normalise again so I am hoping to get back to updating this place on a semi-regular basis.

So bare with me and stay tuned.

Marvel’s Phase 1 & 2 – A Look Back

This video is basically 5 minutes of Marvel saying, “Hey look at how awesome we are at making Comic Book Movies!” But it is five very good minutes of Marvel showing how much they have achieved with their films over the past six years and that they are only just getting started.

Fair warning though at the end there is a mild spoiler for something that happens in Guardians of the Galaxy so if you haven’t watched it yet (and why haven’t you watched Guardians yet?!) stay clear until you do.

75 Years of Batman

Batman75_logo_1COLOR_blk_580_53337eb4cb4440.11378405Batman is the most well known and beloved comic book character on the planet.

As much as I love Spider-Man and Superman, Batman is the one that EVERYONE knows and loves. In my twenty seven years on the planet I have never met anyone who does not like Batman in some form or another. The character is everywhere, ever present in pop culture from the comics themselves to the latest superhero movie releases from Warner Brothers.

Batman as a franchise crosses media like no other with more huge successes than fumbling messes. From blockbuster movies to ground braking TV and animated shows to thought provoking AAA video games. Batman is the guy to beat.

Today is the day that DC Comics (that’s Detective Comics Comics named after the very book Batman first appeared in) has designated as,  Batman Day in honour of their most successful character hitting 75 years of awesomeness.

75 years of Batman. 75 Years of stories. 75 years of people outside of comic books completely misunderstanding the basics and key elements of key elements and characters like Robin. 75 years of people loving the character in all his forms.

batmansaleSo go celebrate by indulging yourself with the latest Batman comic books out today or go ahead and grab some classic stories for a steal in ComiXology’s current sale of over 750 Batman comic books.

you can stay here and read about why the Dark Knight and his word is a deeply personal for me. Followed by of course some recommendations for you to check out.

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All-New Female Thor


(Sources: Bleeding Cool, Comics Alliance, The Mary Sue)

Marvel dropped a nice piece of news today. Later this year the Thor we all know and love will be deemed unworthy to wield Mjölnir and the mantle of Thor will be taken up by another character. This time a female character will wield the power of Thor!

As ever speculation is rife as to who this mysterious female is with guesses ranging from Angela to Valkyrie. Personally I hope it is a new character or at least one of the older, future Thor’s daughters (See current issues of Thor: God of Thunder and the true epic that is the God Butcher Saga) sent back in time to exact justice on the world.

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